Agony And Ecstasy

by Silpha & The Corpseboners

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Agony And Ecstasy
Puppet On A String; At The Mercy Of Their Fate; Theatrum Mundi;
Captured In A Role; A Never Ending Cycle Of Agony And Ecstasy;
Inner Dying And Suffering From Diseases, Interpersonal Conflicts, etc.;
Borderline; Inability To Love; Mental Disorders; Manic Depression;
Compulsive Behaviours; Suicide: Possible Way Out; Drugs for Ecstasy;

In The Eye Of The Scared Beholder;
Anxiety States And Other Disorders;
Different Kinds Of Fears Or Phobias;
Objects, Animals, Unknown; Ghosts;
Compulsion Neurosis; Overcoming;

Bond; An Extreme State Between Euphoria And Melancholy;
Addiction And Yearning; To Be In Love With People Or Objects;
Self-Abandonment For The Beloved; To Cross Borders; Ill-Fated;
Neurological Deficits; Fights And Disputes; Replacements; Despair;
Loneliness And Emptiness; Unfulfilled Love Story; Sheer Torment;

Non-existence; Sorrows; Mourning;
Inner Dying; Heartache; Misery;
Passing The Five Stages Of Grief:
Acceptance Or Suicide; Oblivion;


released August 10, 2013

Silpha Obscura: Vocals
Manfred Von Körperteil: Guitar; Vocals
Dr. Horion: Bass; Vocals; Saxophone
Bastille Amnesie: Drums

Design: Silpha Obscura; Dr. Horion
Mixing and Sounddesign: Dr. Horion

All Spells And Curses
Written, Performed, Produced By
Silpha & The Corpseboners

Church Organ on Track 1,16: Reinhold Röder

Agony & Ecstasy
(c) 2013



all rights reserved


Silpha & The Corpseboners Nuremberg, Germany

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Track Name: Linger A Little Longer
Linger A Little Longer
In The Twilight With Me
I Will Tell You Something
You Will Not Believe
Cause It‘s Cold And It‘s Dark
And The Moon Doesn‘t Shine
Blackbird Has Spoken
And I Hope You Won‘t Cry
Listen My Fellow Before It‘s Too Late
See That Fancy House There
With The Big Wooden Gate?
This Was My Home
For Ten Happy Years
But Then A Fatal Curse
Decended ‘Pon Me
Dogs Began To Slaughter
And So Did My Family
I Was The Last One
To Bleed Out And Die
From Then On I Had To Haunt
This Street Here Nearby
To All Of Those Strangers
Make Your Wishes
Say Goodbye
Please Don‘t Run Away
There‘s So Much Left I Wanna Say
‘Cause My Redemption Lies Deep
Within Your Lovely Soul
I See You Shiver
I See You Runnin‘ For Your Life
But Fellow Listen
I Will Prevail If I Really Strive
Track Name: Undead Machines
What Are You Waiting For
Plenty For You To See
You Can Become Anything
You Ever Wanted To Be
But Then That One Thought Again
Your Brain Began To Melt
Surrounded By Undead Machines
But It‘s A Normal World
No One‘s There To Save You
Their State Of Mind
What Your‘e Supposed To Be
Your Mind Breaks Down
And You Are Drowning In Tears
It‘s Been So Long Since The Last Time
You‘ve Felt This Fear
One Day You‘ll Be One Of Them
And That Is For Sure
You Know You Are Powerless
This Disease Got No Cure
No One‘s There To Change You
And Soon You‘re What You‘re Supposed To Be
Track Name: Erase Them!
When You Finally Feel Save
They Gonna Haunt You Again
Quietly They Sneak Up To You
Gonna Drag You Down
Every Time When You‘re Alone
They Crawl Into Your Brain
Leech You Manipulate You
They Rob Your Smile
They Won‘t Let You Go
They Won‘t Give You A Chance
All These Hours All These Days
Almost Years
They Are Chasing After You
A Dark Shadow
Is Surrounding You
Seems Impossible
What Lies Ahead Of You
They Bear Their Teeth
Push You Right Into A Corner
They Rip All Of Your Joy Out Of You
First A Twinge In Your Chest
Their Knive Pervades Your Heart
And Then You‘re At Their Mercy
They Tear You Limb From Limb
Now It Flows Over Your Hands
Smeared Upon The Walls
It‘s Your Decision
Let You Win Them
Or Will It Be Their Blood?
Track Name: The Ward
A Pair Of Eyes I Saw Them Glimpsing
One Thousand TimesI Hear Him Whistling
He Comes For Me To Break His Curse
I Know He‘s There I Feel This Presence
I Feel His Heart He‘s Breathing My Air
But In Spite Of Fear There‘s Only Disregard
You May Believe Her She‘s Telling The Truth
He‘s My Ward
Don‘t Dare To Ignore Me
I Know What You Feel
Cause Your Soul Is Mine
I Wanna Hug You
I Wanna Make You Scream
Till The End Of All Time
There He Appears
I Recognize Him As Grandfather‘s Shade
Supposed To Be Scared
Haunt You In Order To Fade
Well I Just Smiled
I Want To Help You But I‘m Not Afraid
I Took His Arm
And I Gave Him A Kiss On The Hand
He‘s My Ward
Tears In His Face
Ectoplasm All Over The Floor
His Smile Full Of Grace
He Said I‘m Free
Now You Saved My Soul
Track Name: This Kind Of Fate
This Kind Of Fate Was Made For Us
But I Never Thought
It Would Come To This
I Thought You Asked For It
Cried For It Demanded It
We Just Have To Make A Change
A Change That Noone Will Forget
Their Deaths Will Be Releasing
And Beautiful
I Was Meant For It
I Just Asked Are You Ok?
I Found Happiness In This
Life That I Just Can‘t Dismiss
Human Kind Is Full Of Hate
Why Did I Wake Up This Late?
Now My Purposes Are Clear
But Your Misreading‘s What I Fear
This Is Nothing Evil
But A Chance To Make The Evil Stop
Till Now My Life Was So Dull
But Now I‘m Doing Something Wonderful
I Took The Hint I Confess Your Sins
Where Have You Been?
I Found Honor On This Path
Drinking Blood Of People That I Carved
One Hundred People Who Deserve
To Die In Pain
Look I Brought You A Heart
I Must Ask Are You Insane?
I Found Happiness In This
Life That I Just Can‘t Dismiss
Some Rotten Souls Were Just To Fall
Now They Are Burning Down In Hell
I Thought My Purposes Were Clear
But Your Blade Is What I Fear
Don‘t You See I Can‘t Stop Here
I‘ll Rise Again My Dear
Track Name: Today
Can You Tell Me What I Feel
Can You Feel What I Mean
Like An Unknown Disease
Like A Venomous Tease
You‘re Staring On The Floor
Though I‘m Right In Front Of You
But There‘s No Resentment In You
Waiting For Your Emotions To Clear
I Will Lead You Trough The Night
I Need You
We Don‘t Need To Talk Tonight
You Just Know My Armament
But Beware It Start‘s To Faint
Want To Rip Those Words Out Of You
Want My Greatest Dream Come True
But For Your This Feeling Is New
Your Lips Start To Split
But All I Hear Is I Don‘t Know
My Chest Hurts It Feels So Strange
Say I Love You Say I Need You
Say I Want You Just To Keep You
Stars Are Bright The Wind Is Blowing
Want To Hear It Keep It Going
Say I Love You Say I Need You
Say I Want You Just To Keep You
Your Throat Is Bright
The Wolves Are Howling
I Will Force You Say The Spell
All I See Is You And Me So Happily
Tied Up And You‘re Smiling
Can‘t Wait For Tonight
Track Name: Balladesque
My Fingers Reached For Your Auburn Hair
Every Time You Went To Bed
But That Last Golden Night
Something Seemed Not To Be Right
My Heart Just Stopped And Quit
Ten Winters Arrived
They Came And They Went
My Hair Got Grey And Thin
Our House And It‘s View
Full Of Memories Of You
I Went Out Of My Mind
And Into Sin
I Toss And I Turn Not Able To Rest
Feels Like A Hole Within My Chest
I‘m Far Away But You Hear My Yell
I‘ll Sing You A Song Of My Life In Hell
I Stumbled Upon A Wooden Box
Full Of Things And Thoughts Of You
And My Guts Turned Around
As I Saw What I Found
You Are A Deluder Through And Through
Within A Blink Of An Eye
My Life Was Ruined
What A Damage Done By A Dead
And I Rushed To Your Grave
And I Raged And I Raved
No Love But Loathe Instead
The Pain Of Decades Hit Me
And I Screamed It Was Your Fault
There Was Stench In The Air
And Fear Rushed Through My Hair
You Stood Before Me On The Ground
My Precious I See You Crying
Me Dear Why Do You Wheep?
It Breaks My Heart To See You Like That
Insane And Full Of Disbelieve
It Seems I Never Was Your Precious
You Played Cards With My Childish Trust
I Damn All Those Kisses
I Curse All Those Blisses
You Are A Monster Of Greed And Lust
But Despite All The Pain In My Heart
There‘s Something That I Still Miss
Let My Half-Rotten Hand
Reach Out For Your Hand
And Oh My Lips Still Can Kiss
Track Name: Echoes
At The Foot Of The Mountain
Near The Lake Under Trees
That‘s Were I Used To Sit
Throwing Cries At The Steep
All My Thoughts I Brought Here
Screaming Them At The Scrap
I Was Always Assured
Of Your Answer Coming Back
But At The Times When My Mind
Was More Gloomy Than The Night
I Could Hear The Mountain‘s Call
Echoing Words In My Ear
Sweatheart Climb That Grey Old Stone
I‘ll Wait On Top We‘ll Be Alone
Why Do You Stumble? Why Do You Doubt?
Is This Delusion? Find A Way Out
I Remember My Dear
Your Voice Was There For Me
Never Go Never Go No
I Couldn‘t Face You But I Tried
I Tried So Many Times
When I Shouted Against Those Rocks
When I Left Everything That I‘d Got
Searched For Your Face
Death Was All I Could Find
I Slipped And I Fell
She Slipped And She Fell
Deep Down A Cliff Tean Aeons Old
While I Decended
While She Decended
I Saw My Hopes Becoming True
By Your Side
And I Remember My Dear
Your Call Was There For Me
Come Up Here Come Up Here No
Your Honest Confession Echoed From My Heart
I Cried So Many Times
And Now That You‘re Here With Me
There‘s Only One Way To Make You Stay
Your Bones Are Shattered
Everything Is Alright
Track Name: Bloodlike Love
You‘re Holding Me Despite My Sorrows
The Reason For A New Tomorrow
I Lose Myself In These Gleaming Eyes
Will You Ever Stop Freezing Me
With Your Glance So I can Leave?
Just Tell Me When Did You Steal My Heart?
Pull Me Up To Light As Long As You Can
Until A Crossroad Separates Our Way
Never Thought I Could Feel
This Way Ever Again
By Your Side Still Longing For More
Like The Endless Time
Never Could Be Enough
To Make My Lust My Craving Disappear
And I‘ll remember This Rainy Night In May
When Your Words Took All My Misery Away
Every Moment When I‘m Feeling
I‘m So Far Away From You
Every Second When I Breathe In
And I‘m Not Lying Next To You
Then Remains Just One Desire
For The Day We‘ll Meet Again
Please Smile This Saves Me
Track Name: Bloodlike End
This Crossroad Came So Fast
Our Bloody And Short Path
Ended Before I Killed
The Monsters From The Past
Horrible Demons Will They Last?
I Let You Suffer
Scratched Your Flesh Off Your Bones
Killed All Your Hope
Robbed Your Smile Your Happy Smile
Now Turned To Anger
Will We Die In Pain Together?
Die Alone In Pain
Tell Us Goodbye
Our Crossroad Came Too Fast
Don‘t Choose Another Path
I‘ll Kill The Creatures From The Past
You‘ll Be Forever Mine
Horrible Demons They Won‘t Last
You Let Me Suffer
Scratched My Flesh Off My Bones
Killed All My Hope
Robbed My Smile My Happy Smile
Now Turned To Anger
We Won‘t Die Together
Yes We Will
Tell Our Lives Goodbye
Track Name: Goodbye Ledge
She Got Out Of Bed
Yesterday She Stopped Feeling Sad
Kissed Her Kids Goodbye
Stepped On A Pothole Made Of Believe
But Didn‘t Learn To Fly
For Years Easy To Pretend
But When There Is The Time
No One Understands Why
Down Down Down
Your Head Fell Down Your Heart Felt Down
Your Own Way Out
Down Down Down
Nor High Nor Low The Second Floor
Fell To The EarthA Lifetime Worth
One Decision To Be Made
Not Hard To Do But Fair Enough
Decision Were Never To Be Yours
One Sign Fell Down From The Stars
Finally Caught Your Breath
Your Last Breath
You Learned To Breath
You Closed Your Eyes
And Watched Your World
As It Softly Fell Apart
Track Name: Crematory Melody
She Was Leaving The Dark Forest
It Was Night And She Was Cold
She Couldn‘t Tell If Surrounded By The Trees
She Felt The Wind Whistling By
It Was Cold And Asked Her Why She Was
Walking The Field And Passed The Trees
If She Looked Back Over Her Shoulders
She Would See Her Memories Fade
She Tripped And Fell And Got Up Again
For The Moment Of A Heartbeat
Maybe A Heartbeat And A Blink
Her Eyes Were Cleared By The Pain
Is This What She Feels Called Pain?
Why Does All Just Look The Same?
What Is This Kind Of Game?
When People Stop To Talk
And Legs No More Walk
Is It An End Or A Start?
The First Time You Saw The Stars
They Were Beautiful
The First Time You Saw The Stars
It Was Magical
The First Time You Saw The Stars
The World Seemed Good And Bright
And Then All Turned Black
At First Sight She Felt Nosiness
Then It Backed Up Into Fear
It Was Worth All The Time At All
She Saw Illusions In The Sky
Cheeks Wettened By Her Tears
She Cries The Trees Were Not To Solance
It Was Her Reason To Live
At Least She Told Herself
Her Sun Left But Still Shines
How She Smiled And How She Laughed
Now She Is Staring At The Stars
She Sinks Into The Snow
The Trees Start Talking Down
The Moon Starts To Frown
The Whole World Cries Her Name
When People Stop To Talk
And Thoughts Start To Walk
It‘s Near The End She Falls Apart
The Last Time You See The Stars
It Is Unsightly
The Last Time You See The Stars
You Wish You Would Not Be
The Last Time You Saw The Stars
You Hate Them All
And All Turned Red
Track Name: Tombstone No.10
A Cold Night In November 62
I Was A Kid And So Were You
I Said Brother Let‘s Go Hide And Seek
The Woods Are Still And My Life Is Bleak
So We Sneaked Out The Door
Reached The Forest Delirious With Joy
And We Went On Deep Into The Dark
Oh How We Sang And How We Larked
But When It Was My Turn To Seek
My Eyes Went Numb
And My Knees They Creaked
I Couldn‘t Find You I Swear I Tried
I Sealed Your Fate Not Knowing Why
Now I Am Digging In Your Grave
And I‘m Sure You‘d Do The Same
Everyone Else Is Far Away
And I Need Someone To Play
And When The Moon Is On The Rise
And The Blackbird Sings Demise
I Know That We Will Meet Again
In Front Of Tombstone No. 10
The Other Day The Looked For You
They Found Your Body Bloodstained And Blue
The Cold Erased Your Life
Our Grandma Freaked Our Parents Cried
They Put You Six Feet Unbeneath The Ground
I Had To See You I Romped Around
Couldn‘t Believe That You Were Dead
So One Last Time I Creeped Out The Bed
The Earth Was Frozen My Bare Feet Hurt
I Couldn‘t Stop Exhuming Your Heart
After Hours Of Sweat And Toil
I Released You From The Soil
Track Name: The Bittersweetest Murderer
His Words And The Unsaid
His Deadly Weapon
Crimson Blurred Ground
Adorned With My Guts
Garnished With My Flesh
Insidious Monster Is Cutting My Pale Face Into Pieces
On An Autumn Day He Caught Me
Day After Day I Was Tortured And Crushed
He Has Chased Me In My Dreams
The One Killing My Mind Since This Fateful Night
And He Will Be Coming Back
The Bittersweetest Murderer
Again And Again
His Words And The Unsaid
His Deadly Weapon
Crimson Blurred Ground
Adorned With My Guts
Garnished With My Flesh
Insidious Creature Is Cutting My Pale Skin Into Pieces
On A Beautiful Spring Night He Killed Me
Day After Day Been Told Thousands Of Lies
He Has Chased Me In My Dreams
Chaining Me In My Fears Since This Horrible Night
And He Will Be Coming Back
The Bittersweetest Murderer
Again And Again
But On A Cold Autumn Day
I‘m Gonna Capture Him
And My Awesome Revenge Will Never End